Are you ready to start making money with your photography?

The Photographer Overnight Program is a complete photography training program that will teach you how to start a photography business with minimal startup costs.

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All of the following Videos are Included in the Program:

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Your SLR Camera Guide ($49 value)

Step-by-step guide to using your camera to its full potential, with interactive assignments to get you some hands on practice after every topic. You’ll learn how shutter, f-stop and ISO change your picture, when to use the different camera modes, how to get a perfect white balance, the benefits of shooting in RAW, how to decide which lenses to use, and how to use a mounted flash, with techniques for getting best pictures in any lighting situation.

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Guide to Running a Successful Photography Business ($49 Value)

This incredible training video takes you from registering your business and getting the right licenses to creating a professional-looking photography website to showcase your work with the best deals for web hosting and ready-to-go websites. You’ll learn how to start a blog, how to drive traffic to your website and get more photography clients, and the most cost-effective advertising to get more photography business right away without breaking the bank!

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Guide to Running a Wedding Photography Business ($59 Value)

Learn the secrets of becoming a wedding photographer from booking your very first wedding, to shooting bridals, engagements and the daunting wedding day. You’ll learn how to work with any kind of lighting, and how to master low-lighting for those indoor weddings. Learn how to get more wedding photography business, with the best methods for getting brides to book with you, and how to keep your wedding photography clients for future portrait needs.

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Photoshop Tutorials for Stunning Portraits ($39 Value)

Learn how to make your pictures shine with these Photoshop Tutorials that cover everything from fixing exposures and white balances to creating “actions” that improve batches of images for a faster workflow. You’ll learn how to use layers and masks to edit certain areas of your picture, how to have an efficient workflow for editing your images after a portrait session, and how to add a logo watermark and shrink all of your pictures for the web in one batch process.

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Photoshop Design Tutorials ($25 Value)

In these awesome design tutorials made for beginners you’ll learn how to design wedding invitations and other announcements for your clients, and create event cards for your weddings. We take you step by step through creating a new layout in photoshop and show you how to put objects anywhere you want in that layout using layers and clipping masks. You’ll learn the secret to cropping images to any shape you want, creating borders around your pictures, and creating layouts for things like scrapbook pages, fliers, announcements, and more.

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Guide to RAW Photography ($25 Value)

If you’ve been wanting to take the leap and start shooting your pictures in RAW, this all-inclusive training video will teach makes it easy by showing you the basics of uploading and editing your RAW files. You’ll learn how easy it is to drastically change the exposure and white balance of an entire batch of images with the click of a button, without losing any quality in your pictures. This tutorial makes the transition to shooting in RAW less overwhelming, and you’ll be amazed by the incredible difference you’ll see in your photography.


Get ALL of the Videos Above for just $149! ($246 Value!)

Jump-Start your photography career for the cost of a college textbook!

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What’s Included in the Photographer Overnight Program?

You’ll make back the cost of the program in your first photo session!

Our program takes you beyond just learning photography – with the real-life methods of getting more photography business so you can make a real career with your passion!

Start taking better pictures and making more money!

The tips and techniques you learn in this program will not only make you a better photographer, but you’ll learn the best way to market yourself and start getting paid what you’re worth! You’ll be able to work from home while providing a legitimate service of preserving memories.

Save yourself hours of research and get it all in one place!

We take you from beginner to master in just a few hours! No need to spend thousands of dollars studying photography in school. You’ll learn everything you need to take great pictures and start making money in photography.

16 Powerful Photoshop tutorials you can’t find anywhere else!

The techniques you learn in our tutorials will save you hours of time editing pictures, in a way that’s easy to understand and lightning fast! You’ll learn to fix an entire batch of images with the click of a button.

Find new clients and keep them coming back!

Stop waiting for clients to appear out of nowhere and get them to come to you! We teach you how to get more photography business and maintain your clients as lifetime customers.

Save time and money starting a business!

We teach you the best methods for running your business without any costly mistakes. You won’t need an expensive studio and tons of equipment to make money in photography. We’ll show you how to get started without breaking the bank.
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What people are saying about The Program

All I can say is WOW! I absolutely love the videos! I’m so glad that I ran across your course and thankful that you made it affordable. Thank you so much for the work you put into this series to make it so clear to understand!
Nora O, Georgetown, KY
I have learned a ton in watching the training videos! I am really impressed. I started watching it and it was really easy to understand. You do a great job of explaining things.
Watching the videos now. WOW. Very informative. Especially the business ideas. Worth every penny and more. Great job.
Jacky B
It’s crystal clear… Photographer Overnight certainly earns its name! I’ve had my camera for while now, but have been so overwhelmed with trying to figure everything out. The Beginner’s Guide to SLR Photography lays everything out in clear, simple, easy to understand terms. Watching this DVD made everything I had heard, but not really understood about photography fall perfectly into place. Not only does she cover the basics to help you get started taking good pics, she also gives great tips for creating bokeh, diffusing light, and other ways to get a nice professional looking photo. I definitely recommend this DVD to anyone just starting out with photography. It would make a great gift too!
So I’ve watched a lot of videos online to try to learn how to take better photos. Tons of Youtube videos, google searches and asking friend photographers… I could have saved a lot of time just by watching this video. So why is this information different? First, its organized and simple. The video teaches by example using simple explanations to explain a technical topic…I’d recommend this video to anyone wanting to take better photos – whether you are wanting to grow as a professional or simply take better photos – this course is for you.
Zac P
I absoutely LOVE, LOVE my camera and totaly enjoy photography, but as much as I want to learn, I don’t have time to join an intensive weekend workshop that costs $200-$400. So based on the ratings this video guide was receiving, I decided to order and see what the hype was about. I am overly joyed!! The guided tutorial is easy to listen to, easy to understand, and it allows you to stop and practice what you’ve just learned. I tell you, this video connected my mind’s puzzled pieces about photography!! FINALLY I know why my pictures were coming out blurry, dark, and just funky looking. I still need a lot of practice, so I’ll be watching and reviewing this video for quite a long while. It is totally worth the money and totally worth your time.
D Harrison